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You've created a legacy, now let us drive its future

Dymond Capital partners with entrepreneurs to deliver thoughtful business succession

What We Do

What We Do

Dymond Capital is one British entrepreneur, looking to acquire and run one great British business

Dymond Capital was founded by Daniel Yu to search for and acquire a great British business. After the acquisition, Daniel will manage day to day operations of the acquired business, and can work with the outgoing owner(s) to ensure a managed transition period.

Unlike private equity funds or trade buyers, Dymond is a trusted partner. We will get stuck in with boots on the ground to protect your legacy and achieve long-term, sustainable growth. Dymond Capital has the ability to tap into the combined experience and knowledge of a team of successful CEOs, entrepreneurs, and advisors who have invested in us.

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Investment Criteria

Investment Criteria

Dymond Capital is searching for a businesses that meets the below criteria

  • High recurring revenues between £5m and £30m

  • EBITDA between £0.5m and £5m

  • Long term industry growth tailwinds

  • Favourable working capital position and low capital intensity

  • A business in need of a succession solution

  • Located in the UK (Daniel will relocate to be near the acquired company)

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Who We Are

Who We Are

Daniel Yu, Search Fund Entrepreneur

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Daniel comes from a family of entrepreneurs with his parents, grandparents, and cousins all starting their own businesses. Having experienced first-hand the financial and personal rollercoaster that business ownership can entail, Daniel has a realistic view on entrepreneurship and is eager and committed to running his own business.

He is a naturally hands-on, assertive, and intuitive leader, who has worked in his family's businesses, as an investment banker at J.P Morgan, a VC investor, and a startup founder. Most recently, he holds an MBA with Distinction from London Business School. As a culmination of his experiences, Daniel is adept at working with people from a wide variety of backgrounds. ​

Daniel is highly driven, ambitious, tenacious, and autonomous, with experience in leading teams through complex, unfamiliar, and challenging situations. He is young and energetic, yet mature and eager to listen, learn, and grow into the CEO he is confident he can become.

Dymond Capital Equity Investment Partners, Directors & Advisors

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